Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Killer Collections: Panache A/W 2011

The new collections are now on the Panache websites and I've just spent WAY too much time drooling over them. All the bras I'm linking go down to a 28 band and go up to at least an H cup. The Cleo and Masquerade labels max out at a 38 band as far as I can tell, but the Superbra collection goes up to a 44 band (only 2 offerings in a 44).

Panache Superbra
 First of all, Panache is offering a 10% off voucher for any bra in the Superbra collection. It is intended for physical stores and not all stores may honor the voucher, but if you're about to buy one anyway...
While you're on the page, be sure to enter the contest for a year's supply of lingerie. You do have to write a review of a Panache Superbra, though, so keep that in mind.

Overall, nothing really wowed me, but I did find that the Tango Plunge went up to a K cup. I don't know if it's a new thing or if the plunge version has always gone up to a K cup and they just go really quickly, but if you want/need a plunge and are usually sized out--check out the Tango.

One of the new colors: Cherry Red

Panache Cleo
The Sadie:

I know that a lot of people were excited by the Freya Nieve Longline, but were unhappy that the band started at 30 and only went up to a G cup. The Cleo Sadie starts from a 28 band and goes up to a H cup in both the balconnet and longline. I did prefer the purple color from a previous season, but I do like that they expanded the size range and added the longline.

The Molly:

I really love the large polka dots and the purple. I am unsure of the size range, but it is supposed to go up to an H cup.

The Juna:

Overall, it is kind of plain and understated, but I just really love it. I like that it isn't super frilly, but still really cute. The Juna goes up to a J cup.

Panache Masquerade
The Rhea:

I wasn't a huge fan of the champagne color for S/S and I liked the Bravissimo purple, but I LOVE the mulberry color for this season. I tend to be a fan of darker colors and I think the slate trimming is what drew my attention.

The Delphi:

This is my favorite out of all the collections. I like the design and decoration of the set and that is what really won me over. The swirly details remind me of the Confetti and I like how the Confetti looks, but I think the Delphi takes it in a different direction and to another level. I also love those panties like there is no tomorrow.

Have you looked at the new collection yet? What are your picks?


  1. Just wanted to say hi and welcome to the "boobosphere" (as Becky Williams called it once). I found your blog today - thanks to Cheryl's blogroll - and I'm really happy that more and more brafitting blogs pop up on the net. :D


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